/Pisces Soulmate for Singles – Love in True Form

Pisces Soulmate for Singles – Love in True Form

We are doing your soulmate reading. This soulmate reading is primarily a singles. reading who may be looking for your soulmate and this reading can help you figure out some things about your soulmate possible zodiac signs and how the relationship will be this will help you identify who your soulmate is for those of you who are with your soulmate this reading can resonate with you as well keep in mind that it’s a general reading and I’m speaking to thousands of people hundreds whatever and it all the messages may or may not resonate with you okay also I’m gonna leave a link below for the previous pisces soulmate reading for 2018 these readings are good for six months out so this the last reading may resonate with you if this one doesn’t so I highly encourage you guys to check that out and if you’re interested in your own soulmate reading you can check out my website WWE he illegally bleeped calm for the soulmate reading and you can book there on the site I’ll leave that link in the description box as well alright Pisces let’s get started what is the major theme here in your soulmate relationship the first car that you have is self-love self-love Wow so I feel like after going through so much in your past in relationships maybe possibly being with someone who acts ugly towards you or does it really doesn’t really have much in common with you you’ve gone through something in your past I feel and it’s like you it’s it’s it’s time for you to practice more self-love and take care of yourself putting yourself first here is the major theme and I feel like you know your soulmate could be on the way to you for some others you could know who this soulmate is some of you have gone through a lot when you’re still with this soulmate or you just left this soulmate others have this soulmate coming in so if you are with us soulmate then the relationship could have been you know something that you really are not happy to talk about others your soulmate could be coming and it’s good to practice self-love either way this soulmate comes into your life definitely want to put yourself first and love yourself especially if you’ve been through a lot in your love life in general okay now the next card that you have here is truth truth so maybe there are some truths that need to be revealed in the soulmate connection maybe the truth about how they feel maybe the truth about how you feel maybe there’s things happening in the relationship right now for some of you where you need the truth about what is going on with this person or they need it from you the truth so shall set you free okay and your next card here is love love so it’s simply love I feel you guys do have strong passionate feelings toward each other or you will when you meet this person a very strong connection it’s like you guys hold on to each other and it’s kind of hard to let the connection go this can also be a telepathic connection like 20 flames for some all right so let’s find out more information about your soul mate I just want to point out that your soul mate could be anybody earth sign air sign water sign or even air sign okay you do have all the signs in the readings so obviously there’s Pisces dating all kinds of people these days so let’s find out more about them you have a Jack of Diamonds here in a reverse Joker so with these two cards energies I feel like you may be feeling like your person hides things from you doesn’t really open up much doesn’t tell you what’s going on with them a lot this is someone who I feel is more private about what’s going on with them and it could be very challenging to get through to them and find these things out they could also cause some of you to really not trust them certain things that they say they’re doing you may not trust that just because they’re not opening up this is also someone who is afraid to welcome a new beginning may be afraid to have a change in their life this is someone who is a little scared to take leaps of faith and welcome new beginnings and this could also be someone who has immature or childish energy they could make you feel like that because they are not willing to reveal certain things to you they could be lying deceiving you or just hiding things from you and to you it just looks like this person needs to grow up and you know speak the truth to speak their truth ok so what will you want or need from your soulmate Pisces you have a nine of Spades here I got a little something on my shirt all right so what will you want to need from your person you have a nine of spades and a nine of diamonds this is my my boyfriend shirt and I think we need to watch this because he went travelling recently and he never comes back clean he’s always like working so alright so you have a nine of Spades here in a nine of diamonds um this is like your you’re gonna want your soul mate to stop being so stressed out stop being so worried about things and it could be in their personal life it could be in the relationship they could be bringing in problems and conflict to the relationship or they could just seem like they’ve got like heavy heavy loads on their back okay this is also someone who may be in a relationship who you see is going through things in that relationship and you’re like why just why not just become single why not take a leap of faith like why not walk away from that situation if you’re really not happy that could be the case for some of you others this person could be you know having a hard time trying to figure out what they want to do with their next moves financially this could be someone who really hopes to open a business or become more self-reliant to get their money up and they could be having a hard time doing that or trying to define what they really want they could be having trouble with business as well now what would your person want from you or expect from you you have a ten of hearts here and the Jack of Diamonds now this indicates that your person could possibly want to start a family with you or just want to have fun just just happiness that’s all they wants to just be happy with you enjoy life you guys could also have a family together for some but I think this person knows that you look at them in a negative way like you really don’t know if they’re telling you the truth they’re not always being honest they’re always you know hiding things or just like not expressing their feelings or telling you certain things so they feel like you know they know how you look at them they are aware of the way you look at them and I feel like you know they just kind of wish that that could change your biggest challenge and obstacle with your person you have an ace of hearts here and a seven of hearts pisces I’m seeing your biggest challenge with them is starting the relationship starting the relationship getting involved making a serious commitment here with this person I’m also seeing that your person has other options so yeah they could really be in a relationship or marriage situation already and it could be hard for you guys to start the relationship because of that what will be your person’s biggest challenge with you 10 of clubs here in the 7 of spades so this person will look like they’ll have a hard time getting past old emotional burdens from their previous relationships as well it’s they’re trying to end cycles I feel and they want to experience something new but they could be still stuck in a situation or still not over their past which is hard to start new relationships for some people who have not learned to practice self-love during a healing process this person may feel like you are deceptive to them or they may feel betrayed by you or feel like you have been lying to them with that 7 of spades energy there’s just like maybe think negatively toward relationships overall or they’re kind of expecting you to do something to hurt them and so they’re very guarded okay possibly you guys they may feel like you guys are cheating on them or doing something behind their back and that’s probably why the truth card is there they may be seeking that as well but it could just be that this person’s thoughts towards you which could be very challenging for them to get over and to just be comfortable with knowing that you’re not doing anything if you’re not but um it looks like this person just expects this or just thinks negativity so what your outcome here with this soul mate you have a two of spades and a six of diamonds it looks like you guys may go through a period of non communication or cut off communication with each other and I think it’s because there’s no equal give-and-take one person feels like they’re giving more to the connection than the other so it looks like one of you decides to back away and you know I’m just saying that there’s things that need to be addressed in this connection it’s a lot of like I think you’re doing this or I think you’re doing that or it could be a lot of um you know a lot of leading on here either you’re leading them on or they’re leading you on making you feel like they want a relationship but the whole while someone has a relationship already or has other options already and that could be difficult and challenging here for some some of you are just totally cut off in communication with this person and this produces a lot of that negative thinking for you or for them because they don’t know what’s going on with you or you don’t know what’s going on with them during separation so yeah that is your reading Pisces that your soulmate 2019 reading I hope that you guys resonate it with this please give it a thumbs up if you have I really appreciate that peace and love